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1. Shopping and Orders 2. Shipping 3. Products

1. Shopping and Orders

1.1 How do I place my order ?
To make an order, please select the size, color and quantity of a desired product by using the pull downs by each product, then click on "Add to Cart" icon. You can always edit or remove items later. You can view the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking on "Shopping Cart" at the top menu of every page. To submit your order click on the "Check Out" and follow the instructions provided.
Please make sure to click on "PLACE ORDER" icon at the very end of the check out. You'll see your order number and all your order information after you're done. You should receive an automatic email confirmation with the order details inside. If you didn't get an email confirmation within one hour after you've placed you order, Please "Contact Us" specifying your order number.

1.2 Do you accept Personal Checks or Money Order as a payment ?
Yes, we accept Personal Checks and Money Orders. If you'd like to pay for your order using Check or Money order please fill in the "Contact Us" form and enter product name(s), desired quantity, size and color in COMMENT field. Submit the form and you'll receive a copy of it as a confirmation of your request to the email address provided in your form. We will process your order and send you an email with your order number, availability of your items and total amount due. At this point items will be reserved for you. Make your Checks/Money Order payable to and indicate your order number on it. You don't have to print a copy of your order and send it with the payment. Just order number clearly written on your payment. We will ship your order upon clearance of your payment. It's absolutely safe and secure. Your order confirmation email is a prove of your purchase. If you'd like you can request to be informed when we receive your payment.
Please note that we keep your order reserved for you for 20 days from the date we've sent you an order confirmation. After that period we cannot guarantee the availability of items ordered.
If you have any questions please feel free to "Contact Us".

1.3 I added a product with the discount into my Shopping Cart but the price in my order hasn't changed. Is anything wrong ?
Please don't worry. There is nothing wrong with that. All discounts are applied when your order is processed, because most of the promotions and discounts are valid on in-stock items only. And we don't charge your credit card until your items are ready to be shipped.
If you are worried that you may not qualify for a promotional discount or a free shipping because some items are out-of-stock at the time of your order please Don't. Because if some items are not available and that affects your order in any way(paying more for the shipping or price per item changes) we will contact you via email and get your confirmation before charging your card and dispatching the order.
If you have any questions please feel free to "Contact Us".

1.4 How to search for a particular product ?
Type in the keyword for the product you are looking for, you can use product name, Denier, brand or a specific feature of the desired product. Please be specific and avoid simple general terms like "Tights" or "pantyhose" to narrow your search result. If you are going to use a general term like that, please use it in the combination with another feature of the product, for example: "stay up stockings" in the search box on the top left of every page.
You can also use product features to view some general features of the products and list of items relevant to those features.
If you have problems finding the product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.5 What do "Icon Keys" mean ?
Each product has some distinctive features that most people are looking for. For example: Sheer to waist or Reinforced toe. These icons can help you to see what kind of product it is.
You can check out what each icon means by moving your mouse over the icon or click on Icon Keys to see the whole list of icons and products relevant to certain key features.
You can use this key features to search for product with a specific feature or quality.

1.6 How do I know what size I need ?
Size charts are available for every product we carry. Simply click on a "SizeChart" link beneath the product picture. Sizing varies significantly from one Manufacturer to another. There are even different size charts for a particular models in a single manufacturer. So we strongly recommend to check the size chart for every product you choose.
To find the right size please use your height and weight measurements. For the most size charts you have to draw imaginary lines starting from your weight and height points and cross them on the grid.
If your cross point is right between two size areas or very close to the border we would recommend to choose the larger size.
In case you need help with your size please feel free to contact us.

1.7 I'm trying to put into my Shopping Cart a particular product and I get a warning that it's back-ordered. What should I do ? Can I order it ?
Certainly, you can order it. We strive to serve you best and keep our stock full but sometimes certain products sold faster than we expect. We'd like you to know as much as possible about the product availability, that's why we inform you upfront if a particular product is out of stock. There is nothing wrong, you can add a product into your cart. Usually it takes about 2-4 weeks for back-ordered item to be shipped and we will let you know the estimated shipping date via email.
If you know that you have a back-order item in your cart and want to get all other products right away, please check the box "I want my items faster. Ship them as they become available" in the shipping preferences during CheckOut Process. For more information about shipping preferences please see below Questions about Shipping.

1.8 How to cancel my order ?
To cancel your order please contact us. If your order has already been shipped, please return it following direction from our Returns Policy.

1.9 I Found that you offer Gift Box option. Can you explain how it works?
We strive to help our customers with everything that is in our power. Yes, we offer gift boxes. So you can order gifts and send them beautifully packed with your personalized greetings to make the gift complete.
You'll have a GiftBox option at the CheckOut and a specific field for your Greetings. Simply choose "GiftBox" in the check box, write your greetings in the "Greetings Field" and Click OK. That's all you need to do, and your receipient will get an unforgetable gift.
If you'd like to see image of the Gift box please click on "see more details" right next to the Gift Box check option.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

1.10 I've emailed an inquiry with my questions. When should I expect your reply ?
We leave no inquiries without answer. Please give us 24 Hours to respond. Usually it takes less than that but it depends on the amount of customer inquiries we have at that time.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

1.11 I'd like to order a printed Catalog. Do you supply Catalogs to your customers ?
We don't carry Printed Catalogs for several reasons. Every day we increase a variety of products we offer. We add new colors, sizes, renew pictures. And we also have lots of seasonal/fashion items which is limited edition products and we cannot guarantee availability of them. It would be nearly impossible and cost insufficient to keep an up-to-date printed catalog.
Everything we offer is on our website, available for viewing and order. If you have any questions regarding a particular product please don't hesitate to contact us.

1.12 What does Seasonal Item mean ?
Seasonal/Fashion products are items that were produced in a limited amount for a specific season to satisfy the fashion trend, for example models from Fall/Winter 2006-2007 collections. Seasonal items are not available for back-order. Some Seasonal items become so popular and appear to be timeless that manufacturer may decide to produce them on a continuous bases. We usually mark all seasonal items so our customers don't get confused whether item is available for back-order or not.

1.13 What does Special-Order Item mean ?
Special-Order items are those that we don't keep in a regular stock. Most of the time these are Specialty items like some medical hosiery. We order this items per customer request and that means a shipping delay. Usually it takes about 4-6 weeks for a Special-Order item to be shipped.
If you'd like to know estimated shipping date before you place your order you can contact us specifying the model, size and color you'd like to order and we will give you an estimated shipping date as accurate as possible.
For your convenience we usually mark all special-order items so our customers don't get confused whether item is available or not.

2. Shipping

2.1 Where can I find more information on shipping options, charges, etc ?
There is a special page dedicated to the Shipping Information. If it does not clarified your questions you can check out frequently asked questions below or contact us with your question or concern.

2.2 What are your shipping rates ?
Shipping Rates table:
Standard Shipping: inside USA (5-7business days) Cost
Orders less than $65.00 $6.95
Orders over $65.00
Limited time offer
Standard Shipping: Canada
Orders less than $70.00 $17.95
Orders$70.00-$200.00 $22.95
Orders over$200.00 $27.95
Standard Shipping: Rest of the World
Depends on the size of the order and destination country Estimated
Two-Day Delivery (1-2business days)
Inside the continental US Only $32.99
Three-Day Delivery: Continental USA (2-3 business days)
Inside USA $19.99
Three-Day Delivery: Canada
Depends on the size of the order Estimated
Three-Day Delivery: Rest of the World
Depends on the size of the order and destination country Estimated

2.3 Which shipping carriers do you use to deliver my order ?
Our standard shipping rates are based on USPS service. If you prefer UPS or FedEx, please indicate that in a special shipping instructions field when you place your order. In this case additional shipping charges may be applied after your order is placed. Two-day delivery and Three-Day delivery carrier may vary, because we always try to choose the fastest way to deliver your order to you. In this case you will always get a confirmation number with the note which carrier is going to deliver your order.

2.4 Do you ship to P.O.Box addresses ?
Yes, we ship to P.O.Box. Please note that only USPS service is available for orders with P.O.Box destination.

2.5 What if I live outside USA ? Can I place my order ? Do you ship outside USA ?
Yes, you are more than welcome to place your order. In this case during your CheckOut you will see only estimated shipping charges and if the actual shipping cost is greater than the estimated one we will confirm it with you via email. And only after your confirmation we will charge your credit card. This is done in order to minimize the shipping charges, because the actual shipping cost is calculated only when your order is ready to be shipped.
Shipping charge depends on the size of the order and destination country. Please note that Two-Day delivery is not available outside USA.

2.6 What Special Shipping Instructions field is for ?
We've created this space for our customers to provide you some flexibility to the shipping methods we use. You can use is to specify that you want your order in unmarked packaging (no additional charges). Or for instance you prefer your order to be shipped via certain carrier, or you'd like to add a comment for us.
Our goal is to have happy customers, so please don't hesitate to leave your special instructions.

2.7 How fast do you ship my order?
All in-stock items are shipped within 24-48 business hours. We will let you know estimated shipping date for back-ordered items.
All orders place before 1p.m. eastern time will be processed the same day.

2.8 When I'm going to receive my orderi ?
Please see shipping information for time in transit for different shipping methods. For a standard shipping inside US it usually takes 5-7 business days to reach the destination. If you live on the East Coast it usually takes less than that time but it's not guaranteed.

2.9 What does shipping preferences mean ? How should I choose one ?
In order to better serve our customers we offer two shipping preferences:
  • Group my items into as few shipments as possible.
  • I want my items faster. Ship them as they become available (additional shipping charges may apply).
Group my items into as few shipments as possible This option will save you money on shipping cost. We will group your items into as few shipments as possible, most of the time it will be one package. And no matter how many shipments you get, shipping cost for you will be as stated in our shipping charges list.
Exceptions: Orders qualified for the Free Shipping and outside US destinations additional charges on extra shipments may be applied. Inside Continental US, shipping charge for each additional package starts from $2.50. You'll be notified via email if any additional charges may occur. If your order is shipped in 2 shipments then shipping charge will be applied to your first package.

I want my items faster. Ship them as they become available By choosing this option you will get items as soon as they become available and we will charge you for each shipment separately. We want assure you that we will do our best to save you money on shipment and group items whenever it makes sense to do so. If all items you've ordered are in-stock you'll get one shipment without any additional shipping charges.
We understand that you may have other or additional preferences, and we don't want to limit our customers in choices. So please choose one box that suits closer to your preference and specify your personal instructions in a special area Shipping Instructions. We strive to satisfy your personal preferences, so please don't hesitate to indicate your instructions.

3. Products

3.1 What models are your best sellers ?
We have a special category - Top Seller to help you see our best sellers anytime you want. We select 10 Bestsellers every week or so to keep you up-to-date. So if you'd like to see what other people buy from us, you can go to Top Sellers category.

3.2 I don't see any items in the Coming Soon category, does it mean that you don't expect any new products ?
We try to improve our variety everyday and we are in search for new items all the time. Sometimes we get new models so fast that we have no time to put them into Coming Soon category, so they appear directly in New Products. That's why we advise you to check both categories to see what's new in our store.

3.3 I'm looking for a 100% Nylon hosiery. What can you recommend ?
We have 100% Nylon Stockings - Elanca 20 Stockings by Elly Carezza, very soft and sheer. 100% Nylon Stockings with Contrast Seam and High-Heel - Esprit Bicolor by Cervin. Also we carry 100% Nylon tights- Velato Nylon tights by Elly Carezza and Velato Nylon Queen size Tights. Both tights and stockings are very popular among our customers.

3.4 Do you sell Silk products ?
Yes, we do. 100% Silk stockings and Stay up Stockings from France by Cervin. These models are lusciously soft and very sexy. Rive Gauche Silk Stay Up Stockings with royal floral embroidered lace border for irresistible look and feel. And Champs Elysees Silk Stockings with classic border to prove that something plain can be extremely extravagant and sexy. Also we have products with mixed fiber Malia Over the Knees , they have softness of a silk hose and elasticity of Nylons.

3.5 What Control Top tights would you recommend?
We have a special category Control Top. It offers you a wide variety of hosiery to model your thigh area, tuck you tummy and lift up bootom. There are items that provide one specific action for example Slimming pantyhose, whereas others give you full modeling effect. Choose the one that fits your need and if you are in doubt please feel free to contact us.

3.6 Is there any product that can help help reduce cellulite?
Yes, there is. We offer several different cosmetic pantyhose which have different actions. Cell-Control 20 offers you a nice massage with enhanced infusion of Green tea and other natural ingridients that promote healthy blood circulation and smooth your skin.

3.7 I'm looking for tights with low waist, to wear them on my hips. What can you recommend?
It's been a while since hipsters become very popular among all women due to fashion trend when we have all skirt and pants with Low waist.
Please take a look at the following items we have in store for you. so you'll be comfortable wearing your outfit no matter what. We would recommend you to read each product description as they all have low waist feature but also may have different characteristics, like sheerness or Panties etc.
Brazil 15, Dance Pantyhose, Summer Light Low waist, Clara 20 Tights, Freedom 50 Low waist opaque tights, Freedom 7 Ultra transparent tights.

3.8 I bought a pair of stay up stockings, correct size, but they are not staying on my thighs. Am I doing something wrong?
Probably yes, as we always check our stay up stockings for slip resistance and we know a trick that might help you. First of all all stay ups should be equipped with silicon band to keep them on your thighs. This silicon band will be useless if you put moisturizer or lotion on your skin. So if you are going to wear Thigh-Highs do not put moisturizer on your legs and hands before you put them on. You can test it for yourself, try to stick a silicon band to your hand(Without a lotion), it would adhere very well. Now put a bit of cream or lotion on you hand and do the same thing, silicon stripe will simply glide on your skin as there is nothing to stick onto.
Next do not pull them up very high, Stay up stockings should stay on your thighs. If you pull them too high they'll slip down to the area they ment to be.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

3.9 I received my items and color of my pantyhose doesn't look as it was on the website ?
We do our best to match swatches on the screen to the real color of products. It's simply impossible to make them real only because each monitor settings are different. That's why colors will appear differently on each monitor.
If you are not sure about color please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.