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Product Feature Icons Key

Seamless Tights
Tights without seams and gusset in the crotch area.Seamless Tights are knitted in one operation on circular machines (one continuous operation) so that no seaming is required up the back.
Back Panel
An extra piece of fabric (gusset ) in the back, designed to give more room and provide a more comfortable fit.
Boxer Brief Top
Have a clear cut difference in between the denier of the leg area and the brief area. The brief area will be thicker than the leg. Comes with gusset, insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose.
Control Top
Pantyhose with panties that were specially knitted with stronger yarns to visually correct certain areas: slim the tummy area, or to push up bottom (most todays tights do both).
Hosiery that was specially woven with different level of compression on ankles, knees and thighs. The compression gradually reduces from ankles to thighs, to ensure proper blood circulation, reduces swelling of ankles, varicose veins and fatigues in your legs after the prolonged standing.
made of heavier yarns(usually 40 denier or greater) that give them a thicker and less transparent appearance. These stockings and tights are usually worn in winter but also great for everyday.
this term defines how sheer the hosiery is. Usually sheerness of the product can be determined by its Denier (the thickness of the yarn that is used to produce undergarment), please be aware that some new models have high Denier but still very sheer and light.
a material with an open, diamond shaped knit; open knit resembles a fish net. Diamond shaped holes can be extra small, medium and large. It also comes in fishnet woven patterns, when Fishnet pattern is woven on a regular knitted pantyhose, to create an interesting look.
Fashion, latest trends and newest pantyhose available on the market. Everything you can think of - sexy tights, fabulous pantyhose, elegant stockings, feminine thigh highs, funky socks, charming knee-highs and more. If you want to look extraordinary; if you want people to look at you legs; if you want always stay on top of the fashion wave, you have to shop here.
Back Seam
Seamed pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs and fishnets would be ideal for both work and evening occasions. Seamed stockings and seamed thigh highs are always a popular option for a warmer season, however seamed fishnets will bring more glamour to your outfit, and if you feel more comfortable with traditional sheer pantyhose our seamed pantyhose will give you classic and elegant look.
Our selection of wool tights, wool leggings, wool thigh highs and wool stockings will let you keep your legs cozy even in the coldest weather. Our high quality wool hosiery products blended with cashmere or angora, super soft merino wool and lycra offer you plenty of warmth without being too bulky. In other words they are smooth, sleek lightweight and can keep your legs stylish regardless of the weather.
Pantyhose with briefs like High Cut underpants. Comes with gusset, insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose.
Hosiery made of silk will always remain irresistible and timeless. Sexy, elegant, and delicate silky leg wear is one of the most indispensable luxurious fashion accessories that will never go out of the fashion scene.
Invisible Toe and heel
Hosiery without reinforcement in the heel and toe areas. In other words the whole foot of the hosiery has the same thickness and sheerness as the rest of the garment. Perfect for open shoes or sandals.
Cotton hosiery are incredibly soft, comfortable, and durable. Thanks to the high cotton content your legs are able to breathe and there is no need to worry about unexpected runs.
Queen Size
If you can hardly fit yourself in a regular size chart or have a bigger and fuller figure you can stop here.We do our best to find tights and pantyhose of the highest quality that fit comfortably on a Queen sized women. It doesn't matter what size you are wearing, matters only what you are wearing. Treat yourself right.
Here we invite our moms-to-be. You’ll find all king of hosiery here that are specially designed for you.Whatever your needs are you don’t have to worry. Maternity tights with a graduated compression, to prevent varicose veins, swelling, tiredness and fatigues. If you don’t need all that we have light and ultra sheer models to make you feel relaxed and comfy. This is very important period of your life, you have to think and wear cloths for two.
Run Resist
These garments are most commonly made from thicker yarns and from studier knits in comparison to sheerer types of pantyhose. They are perceived to be a bit sturdier in comparison to other types of tights and stockings.
Ultra Sheer
The ultra sheer pantyhose in this category are 5-9 Denier made of sheer nylon, or lycra nylon blends which make them extremely transparent and nearly invisible on your skin.
The market for men's pantyhose has been steadily growing, and now we are happy to introduce a male product line of tights and leggings. At boutique you will find different styles: from plain casual tights to wear during sports activities or just to keep warm, to highly fashionable patterned tights, or sheer pantyhose to wear with shorts, if you prefer to get noticed!
usually a diamond-shaped or triangular insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose, which increases the durability, level of comfort and hygiene.
No Gusset
Although many tights have these gussets built into the, some will have no gusset. Instead of a gusset, they will have the same thickness of fabric around the top of the legs and the waist. Tights that are designed without a gusset will have straight seams, or a seam that has been sewn into the gusset V shape.
Reinforced toe and heel
Hosiery with extra strong toe and heel area, which was made of thicker and heavier yarns to avoid runs that happen the most in the toe and heel areas.
Reinforced toe
Hosiery with extra strong toe area, which was made of thicker and heavier yarns to avoid runs that happen the most in the toe area.
Sheer To Waist
Sheer, Opaque or semi-opaque pantyhose that doesn't have any pantie-line, reinforcement area or briefs. Comes with gusset, insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose.
Front Panel
An extra piece of fabric (gusset ) on the tummy, designed to give more room and provide a more comfortable fit .
Plain Top Stockings
Thigh Highs with plain or striped borders
Non Slip Sole
Pantyhose and stockings with Non-Slip Sole have special silicon spots on the sole to diminish slipping while wearing open shoes, sandals and clogs, great for summertime and high-heel shoes.
Invisibly Reinforced Toe
Hosiery with a barely visible area of reinforcement. Although the fabric used throughout the tights will be the same, the weave will be a bit stronger at the toe.
Low Waist
Pantyhose that have special low waist band, most of the time this band is wider than on regular pantyhose, for the extra comfort and smooth line from hips to the waist line. You can wear them with low waist skirts and pants also great for summertime.
Open Toe
Hosiery that covers legs above toes. In other words it leaves your toes bare. Great for sandals and open shoes.
Foot Covers- Foot Socks- Footsies
Foot cover is designed to keep your feet fresh all day long. Covering just the toes and heel, this piece of hosiery allows you to wear your favorite shoes without rubbing your feet.
Toe Covers
This garment designed to keep your legs fresh and comfortable. Slip these toe covers over your toes and you'll instantly keep your shoes from rubbing your feet.
Matte Finish
Matte tights are completely matte, and have no shine or sheen in them.
Glossy Finish
A slightly shiny finish is different from a completely matte look. These give your legs a softer outline and are subtle enough to be worn on a daily basis. The next step up would be shiny hosiery that is designed specifically to catch the light. This type feels silky on your legs, while providing a more obvious shine. Finally, the ultra shiny type of hosiery is extremely glossy, and is guaranteed to draw all eyes to your legs.
Suspender/Crotchless Tights
The nylon leg runs all the way to the waistband, but the panty portion has been eliminated.
Cotton Gusset
Usually a diamond-shaped or triangular insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose, which increases the durability, level of comfort and hygiene. Made with Cotton.
Flat Seams
Hosiery with flat seam is more comfortable to wear as it doesn't leave seam marks on the body. Special technique is used to achieve flat seams, so Garments with flat seams are considered higher quality products.
Lace Top Stockings
Thigh Highs with floral or designed borders
Lingerie Set
Bodies, Bodystockings, Corsets, Lingerie Sets
Full Cup Bra,Push Up Bra, Triangle Bra, Wire Bra and etc
Camisoles & Tanks
Woman's undergarment for the upper body
Thongs, Briefs, Tanga, Shorty and other