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Feature: Run Resist Clear | Adjust
Price: $13.99

Calzitaly Ladder Resist Pantyhose

PROMOTION! Original $15.99 These Classic 15 denier sheer pantyhose are not just elegant, but also very practical to wear, as they are designed to last longer! Their specially resistant yarns, prevent ladders from running down the legs and avoid the small holes turning into a large annoying ladders. High quality pantyhose with Flat Seams, Cotton Gusset and Nude Toes.Please see size guide to choose your correct size!!!

Available colors:
  • Nero
  • Sable
Price: $11.99

Cecilia De Rafael Fusion 3D Lycra Pantyhose

PROMOTION! Was $13.99 Fusion pantyhose is a high quality product that will surely brings attention to your sexy legs. Being a very sheer (12 Denier) pantyhose, it is made out of 3D Lycra fabric and renders a very silky and smooth feel to the skin. It is highly resistant to runs and extremely durable while wearing. If you are in search for outstanding pantyhose to last you for a long time, settle for nothing else but these one! Give comfort to your skin as it complements your beautiful legs!

Available colors:
  • Chocolate
  • Marino
  • Moreno
  • Natural
  • Nero
Price: $10.99

Fiore Forte Resistant to Run Tights

PROMOTION! Was $12.99

Available colors:
  • Light Natural
  • Nero
  • Tan
Price: $20.99

Girardi Top Ultra Sheer Microfiber Pantyhose

PROMOTION! Was $28.99

Available colors:
  • Naturale
  • Nero
  • Thaiti
Price: $18.99

Kunert Chinchilian 20 Pantyhose

Finally free of running mesh! Can you imagine a pair of tights that don't run! These outstanding tights with a special 3D-knitting create a noble, even stitch pattern with increased stretchability, perfect fit and high durability. So here they are. You can wear these sheer high quality tights all day long and will never have to worry about ladders again!

Available colors:
  • Black
  • Candy
  • Cashmere
  • Hazel
  • Teint
Price: $13.19

Pompea Double Benefit High Resistant to run Tights

If you have a problem with runs in your pantyhose, you'll want to give the Pompea Double Benefit Tights a try. These are built to last and be particularly resistant to runs. They are Matt 20 Denier tights, with a double coated, durable and sheer finish. Made with Spandex, they have a comfortable waistband that stretches to fit you just right.

Available colors:
  • Fume
  • Nero
  • Tabacco
Price: $13.99

Silca Trendy 20- Semi-Sheer High Elasticity Pantyhose

PROMOTION! Was $17.99

Available colors:
  • Duna
  • Visone
Price: $15.99

Silca Trendy 30- Semi-Sheer High Elasticity Pantyhose

PROMOTION! Was $20.99

Available colors:
  • Muscade
  • Nero
  • Visone
Price: $12.99

Unica Run Resistant Sheer Tights by Silca

PROMOTION! Was $15.99

Available colors:
  • Nero
  • Playa
  • Visone