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Exciting for all of us! We have super savings on Fashion pantyhose, tights and stockings. Buy them now and save lots of money to enjoy other things while wearing funky tights or Thigh Highs. For those of you who love high quality Pantyhose, socks, stockings and Thigh Highs, and look for super deals.Fashion tights, Casual Socks, Classy Stockings, Fishnets and Everyday pantyhose - Everything in this category has a great price. Savings are up to 40%! You will find left on stock items that cannot be back-ordered due to different reasons, like discontinued from the production, Fashion line items, etc. Sometimes we put off-season hosiery here as well. So if you want to buy winter tights or summer stockings ahead of time, that would save you lots of money. Please note All Sales are Final, No returns or exchange.
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Price: $41.28

10910 Fashion Socks

Absolutely stunning ankle socks with curling lace border and atlas bow (available in pink or black) on the side. Their elegance instantly draws attention and enhances your feminity. Would also make a perfect gift for someone you love.

Available colors:
  • Nero
Price: $24.89

10911 Fashion Socks

These ankle socks with a light pattern of flowers and stripes, curling lace border and atlas bow on the side would look gorgeous with a short dress and heels..

Available colors:
  • White
Price: $9.64

10571 Jucy Fashion Socks

If you are after the wild and rocker style look, then this could give you the fashion sense you are craving for. It comes with a tattered look right at the front making it a perfect match to some short-legged pair of jeans or knickerbockers. You can wear it with the classic women office shoes.

Available colors:
  • White
Price: $11.99

Agata 20 Sheer Ultra Shiny Pantyhose

PROMOTION! Was $13.99Super sheer 20 Denier pantyhose with light sheen. Satin soft and very smooth to the touch these pantyhose give you light sheen like a glow of a healthy looking skin. Perfect pick for a hot weather, casual or business wear. Like all sheen pantyhose they glow brighter under direct light. So if you catch many eyes on your legs on a sunny day don't be surprised, that's because your legs glow.

Available colors:
  • Dore
  • Grigio
  • Marron
  • Nero
Price: $17.01

Anica Opaque Leggings with Satin Gloss Effect

SALE! Was $18.99 Highly fashionable patterned 40 Denier leggings. Semi-opaque, made from single covered yarns for increased durability.

Available colors:
  • Plum
Price: $8.99

Ave 70 3D Leggings

SALE! Was $11.59 The must have classic fashion accessory for every girl's wardrobe. These plain 70 Denier opaque leggings have appearance of 100 and look perfect with the shortest dress and highest heels. Matt Finish material, flat seams, cotton gusset and soft band around the ankle make them suitable for daily wear as well as for a special night out.

Available colors:
  • Botella
  • Marron
Price: $14.73

Barrika Tights

SALE! Was $16.57 Sheer 30 Denier tights with thin vertical stripes all the way from toes to the waist.

Available colors:
  • Moka
  • Nero
Price: $10.98

Brigida Fashion Tights

SALE! Was $12.69 Highly fashionable patterned 60 Denier tights produced in the 3D technology from the highest quality single-covered yarns.

Available colors:
  • Laguna
  • Navy Blue
Price: $34.80

Cazzola Gaetano 25698Fall Fashion Leg Warmer

Super soft and snugly leg warmers will keep you warm and trendy even on a cold and chilly day. This is a perfect accessory for late Fall and Winter 2014!. Try them on and you'll never take them off. Warmers in Gerbe and Nero colors come with Dark Grey Flower. Warmers in White color come with Ivory Flower.

Available colors:
  • Grebe
  • Nero
  • White
Price: $29.99

Cazzola Gaetano Alyssa Fashion Tights

SALE! Was $40.77 These charming Opaque tights with beautiful and colorful flowers running from toe to waist will definitely freshen up your wardrobe during dull winter days. Extremely soft and stretchy.

Available colors:
  • Cappuccino
  • Lavagna
  • Nero
  • Viola
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