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Socks and Knee-highs category speaks for itself. Here you’ll find all kinds of socks and knee-highs for your business suite or casual jeans, or fashion mini-skirt. Socks and Knee-highs that come in all different styles, Denier, and color. You find sheer socks, Cotton socks, Microfiber Knee-Highs or even graduated compression knee-highs to help with blood circulation. We also have fishnet socks and knee-highs, that are very popular these days. Be sure to look at lace border knee-highs. Don't forget foot covers or footsies and toe covers for hot summer days.

Price: $5.79

Renita Fashion Socks

Fashionable, top quality patterned 30 Denier fishnet socks.

Available colors:
  • Dusty Rose
  • Light Lilac
  • Vanilla
  • White
Price: $2.59

Ria 60 Microfiber Socks

Opaque and comfortable sheer microfibre socks. Diverse range of colours and classic look will allow you to use them in any way you desire. Those socks can enhance your official creation, or can become a fashionable accessory to your stylization – no matter the season!

Available colors:
  • Grafite
  • Grey
  • Linen
  • Moka
Price: $2.98

Sheer Massage Socks 20

Socks with a prophylactic foot-massage effect and a non-pressure band.

Available colors:
  • Grafite
  • Natural
  • Nero
Price: $11.99

Socks Cleancut 15 ( 2 Pairs / pack)

15 Denier Ankle Socks. The use of Micro-silicone coated fibers to ensure sheerness, laser cut technology for a perfect fit, and the content of 40% Lycra for silkiness and durability make these socks one of the most enjoyable products.

Available colors:
  • Dakar
  • Nero
  • Paradis
Price: $4.99

Socks Kala with Lace Band

Delicate and very feminine Kala socks are a model worth exhibiting - it fits perfectly with high heels or ankle boots. A thin knitwear decorates the feet from the toes to the ankle, where it meets a patterned finish that will give any styling charm and feminine delicacy.The wide, lace welt guarantees confidence with every step, it not only looks beautiful on bare skin, but also leaves socks in place throughout the day. The Lycra fiber braided with polyamide used in this model means that the socks perfectly adhere to the foot, do not wrinkle, and the pattern does not imprint on the skin. The lack of the toe part gives a lot of options for choosing shoes.

Available colors:
  • Nero
Price: $8.51

Spindasis Lace Foot Cover

These lace foot covers designed to keep your legs fresh and comfortable as well as super chic and feminine! Their light and breathable texture makes your feet feel relaxed and comfortable all day long.

Available colors:
  • Natural
  • Nero
Price: $9.47

Trasparenze Jim Toe Cover

This almost invisible garment designed to keep your legs fresh and comfortable. Slip these cotton toe covers over your toes and you'll instantly keep your shoes from rubbing your feet.

Available colors:
  • Ecru
Price: $6.80

Trasparenze Peggie Foot Cover

Incredibly stretchable and extra light these Invisible foot covers are specially designed to keep your feet fresh all day long. Covering just the toes and heel, this piece of hosiery allows you to wear your favorite shoes without rubbing your feet.

Available colors:
  • Cosmetic
Price: $4.14

Trinity Ankle Socks with Dots Pattern

Patterned socks.Top quality materials, soft and comfortable.Perfect to liven up any outfit.

Available colors:
Price: $10.65

Velasquez Ankle Socks with Cristal Heart

The Velasquez semi-sheer ankle socks look great either with long pants or with short skirts for that edgier look. Matt-finish fabric is both flexible and durable, while heart-shaped embellishments add that feminine touch. The Velasquez ankle socks offer a true luxury experience for your feet and are constructed of quality materials to ensure they last a long time to come.

Available colors:
  • Moro
  • Nudo
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