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Socks and Knee-highs category speaks for itself. Here you’ll find all kinds of socks and knee-highs for your business suite or casual jeans, or fashion mini-skirt. Socks and Knee-highs that come in all different styles, Denier, and color. You find sheer socks, Cotton socks, Microfiber Knee-Highs or even graduated compression knee-highs to help with blood circulation. We also have fishnet socks and knee-highs, that are very popular these days. Be sure to look at lace border knee-highs. Don't forget foot covers or footsies and toe covers for hot summer days.

Price: $7.99

Low Cut Footies Cleancut ( 2 pairs per pack)

These tiny foot covers are specially designed to prevent rubbing and irritation when going bare feet. Due to the high content of Cotton, they are more breathable and more resistant to runs. Ultimate all day comfort and fit guaranteed!

Available colors:
  • Sissi
Price: $16.90

LUI LEI Microfibre 70 - Unisex Knee-Highs with support

Very soft and relaxing Microfiber Knee highs 70 Denier. You can wear them everyday any day. You'll feel comfortable and relaxed thanks to the light massage provided by a medium graduated compression (mmHg 13-17) to improve the blood circulation. Microfiber, rib mesh, medium graduated compression.

Available colors:
  • Beige
  • Grigio
  • Nero
Price: $3.57

Maja Nylon Socks (2 pairs per pack) by Fiore

Top quality, sheer socks with comfortable non-pressure bands and invisibly reinforced toe portion.2 pairs per box.

Available colors:
  • Caramel
  • Linen
  • Moka
  • Natural
  • Nero
  • Safari
  • Steel
Price: $7.35

Marta Microfiber Socks

Super soft opaque microfiber 70 Denier socks would look elegant with long pants or very feminine with a casual dress to give you an instant feeling of warmth. A wide selection of colors makes them even more fun.

Available colors:
  • Acqua
  • Amarena
  • Antracite
  • Blu
  • Brown
  • Bruciato
  • Ciclamino
  • Nero
  • Olive
Price: $3.36

Massage Socks 40

Socks with a prophylactic foot-massage effect and a non-pressure band.

Available colors:
  • Tan
Price: $7.81

Micro-Fishnets Socks

If you are looking for a way to show your femininity under a pair of slacks, with just enough flair to be tasteful, then consider purchasing small net fishnet socks. These socks are more comfortable than a pair of tights, yet sassy enough to make a statement.

Available colors:
  • Avorio
  • Moka
  • Nero
Price: $2.99

My Bio Bamboo Sneaker Socks

If you ever think about your feet, you won't miss these wonderful woven bamboo socks! Natural antibacterial elements in bamboo fiber keep bacteria away from the fabrics, helping to absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split of a second. Softer than cotton, with a texture similar to cashmere or silk blend, they will never stick to your skin, even in hot summer, making you feel extremely cool and comfortable.

Available colors:
  • Black
  • Skin
  • White
Price: $10.00

Natural Footsie by Pretty Polly

Naturals offer a smooth, comfortable and super low cut footsie!

Available colors:
  • Barely There
Price: $8.90

Omero Soletta Nylon Foot Cover - Mini Foot Socks

Mini foot Socks that give you the freedom of wearing shoes on a hot day. Unbeatable comfort of having Socks on and barefoot appearance at the same time. Natural color makes them simply invisible on your feet even summer shoes and sandals would benefit. No sweaty and sticky feet anymore. These foot Socks or you can call them Foot Covers or Footsies are nothing like low cut Socks. They cover just your toes, heels and foot soles.

Available colors:
  • Naturel
Price: $5.76

Pin Up Socks

Sheer 20 Deniers elegant Socks with Lycra and light sheen. These Socks are great for your business or casual outfits. Extra wide and Soft elastic band with diamond shaped design adds a little extra touch.

Available colors:
  • Nero
  • Sabbia
Price: $10.15

Pompea Mandy Fancy Cotton Socks

Pack of 3 pairs Fancy cotton socks .

Available colors:
  • New Acqua
  • Viola
Price: $5.84

Pompea Ruth Fancy Socks

20 Denier fancy socks, sandal toes.

Available colors:
  • Melanzana
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