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Price: $43.09

Yummie Tummie Deidra Tights

This new tight is just so right! It slims and smooths your tummy with our signature Yummie hug. A bonded edge and soft silicone tape keeps it comfortably in place. With an opaque look, it's the perfect compliment to fall and holiday dresses and skirts.

Available colors:
  • Nero
Price: $12.99

Zafiro 120 Tights

PROMOTION! Was $18.99

Available colors:
  • Kiki
  • Violeta
Price: $15.99

Zazu Fishnet tights with a Decorative Motif

REGULAR PRICE IS $20.39!Those looking for something new in the world of fashionable tights might be interested in this unique and elegant design from Gabriella, the Zazu tights. These fashionable tights are black, with a design running from top to bottom. This design involves different widths of various crocheted vertical stripes, extending all over the tights. The knees are made to stand out, with solid black material ringed with borders of varying sizes of holes.

Available colors:
  • Nero
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