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Leggings are very popular these days among women of all ages. Everyone should have at least one pair of leggings. We'd like to offer different styles of leggings or footless tights as they like to call them, that may fit any taste and occasion. We have fishnet leggings, opaque and even Capri style leggings. Lace border leggings as well as all different colors.

Price: $41.10

Trasparenze Hamadryas Leggings

These light floral design leggings would be a perfect addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Their romantic floral print will add freshness and sunlight to your everyday outfit.

Available colors:
  • Multi-VarB
Price: $21.80

Trasparenze RUTH Capri Leggings with a cut-out hole design

The Ruth Capri Leggings are the perfect pair for you to wear if you are in love with tights of varying colors. Set in 60 Denier feature, they feel comfortable to your skin. Their Matt Finish and tiny cut out holes all over the leg will make you more uniquely stylish.

Available colors:
  • Bluganvillea
  • Indigo
Price: $52.80

U19806 Denim Skimmer wirh Angled Hem

Step into fashion rock with authentic denim details, a distressed look and a dramatic step hem.

Available colors:
  • Stonewash
Price: $39.60

Velvet 80 Footless Tights 50168

Footless Tights have become must-haves as a number of styles could not be completed without them. This is why the right individual and long lasting fit is so absolutely important. Glamory 50168 Velvet 80 offers an all over great wearing quality. It has a pleasantly soft, silky matte and easy care texture of a medium covering opacity. Simply beautiful. Size Medium (US dress 10-12) through to 4XL (US dress 30-32). LEGGINGS, opaque, silky matte,very high elasticity for larger sizes, perfect fit,flat seams.

Available colors:
  • Black
Price: $24.10

Venus Capri Leggings

PROMOTION! Was $27.99 This is the pair of 40 Denier leggings to wear if you want to be noticed even in the midst of a crowd. It comes in heavy knitted sort of design with a tiny white ribbon with small rose in the middle of the bow, right on the edges' sides. This is what gives the overall appeal of the leggings have a lighter sense of appeal.

Available colors:
  • Nero
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