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'Melange-Nero' color
Price: $15.99

Cosmo 40 Tights

Patterned, opaque microfiber melange tights with a matte finish. These tights are a gentle resemblance of 90's. Silver lurex side stripes from toes to waist. Cotton gusset in sizes 3 and 4. Produced in the 3D technology, from the highest quality covered yarns for increased durability and softness, as well as a perfect fit.

Available colors:
  • Melange-Nero
Price: $22.99

Fancy Thigh High Stockings

If you are looking for a change from the plain black these stockings are just for you. Sometimes you feel like changing something and Fancy melange hold-ups with a black&silver elegant lace top with the motif of hearts will break your routine. They should also tickle your fancy on the chilly days or evenings. Opaque, melange hold-ups with fantasy, graphite lace top. Invisibly reinforced toe portion.

Available colors:
  • Melange-Nero
Price: $11.99

Segnorina Stockings Imitation Tights

Italian SEGNORINA is full of character, Segnorina tights with an imitation of stockings are obviously full of character too . If you dare to wear a mini skirt, nobody would doubt your Italian character, but while wearing more subtle outfit, only an exceptional pair of tights can outline it!

Available colors:
  • Melange-Nero