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Waistbands Explained - Types of Waistbands

Tights can be classified according to high the waistband sits on the waist, with waistbands available in a variety of different types.

Regular waistbands are those which are designed to sit level with your belly button, directly on the waist.

Hipster or low waist hipster tights is another option. These finish on your hips rather than directly at your waist. The benefit to choosing low rise or hipster tights is that they can be worn with skirts that are also designed to finish at your hips, and can show off your midriff or simply be more comfortable if you don't want fabric digging into your stomach.

High-waisted products are another type of waistbands. These have a much longer brief area than the other types mentioned above, with the waistband sitting just below your bra. These high-waisted products are most commonly seen in any type of control top tights or women's shapewear products. This is because the high waist can provide control over a large area of the belly, with a panel that covers and shapes your waistline. The degree of all of these can vary, so it's best to look carefully at measurements before you choose the right type of waistband.

Regular waistband Low waist High waist