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Toes Explained - Types of Toes

One of the most important features that differ in pairs of tights is the toe area. The toe is very important, because it may dictate what type of shoes you are able to wear with your outfit, for example. There are several different types to look out for.

If you plan on wearing sandals or peep toe shoes, you will want to choose tights that have open toes. These have an opening at the foot area, so that the toes are completely exposed.

Invisible or sheer toes have the same thickness of fabric throughout the tights, from the leg area right down to the toes.

By contrast, a visible toe or sandal toe will have hosiery with a barely visible area of reinforcement. Although the fabric used throughout the tights will be the same, the weave will be a bit stronger at the toe.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are tights with a reinforced toe. Reinforced toes have visible reinforcement across the toe, so that they are extremely durable. If you are wearing closed-toe shoes and want long-lasting tights, these can be a good option. The toes of these tights have a different weave and denier from the rest of the leg.

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