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Opaque Hosiery: Looking Good Through the Years

Opaque hosiery has enjoyed a long history of being popular and in style. If you look back at the knee high stockings you wore to church as a little girl, you'll remember how great they were back then . . . and women are still enjoying the benefits of opaque tights and hosiery to this day.
A huge part of the appeal is the fact that opaque hosiery is warm. If you enjoy wearing short skirts and dresses, you'll find that you get chilled pretty quickly in cooler weather, but tights can lend a fun look to your outfit, while keeping you warm. They make it possible to wear spring garments even on the coolest of days. Don't let the guys see you shiver, just pull on a pair of tights and make a cool fashion statement
Opaque hosiery just looks great. Since you can't see through the fabric, this is a great way to smooth out your legs, hiding any irregularities in the skin and making them look sexy and gorgeous, just like legs should look. Even if you're due for a wax!
With all the colors and styles to choose from, you will find it easy to pick one that suits your personality. You like to shine? Go with funky metallic tights combined with boots and a mini skirt. More of a classically elegant lady? Traditional black knee highs or tights are just the thing, even under a longer skirt that shows your more modest side. Of course, you can also go with brighter colors and patterns to brighten up the whole outfit, if you prefer.
Opaque hosiery was once very practical, but these days it is just as much a fashion accessory as a practical part of your wardrobe. It's a good idea to have several different styles to fit your changing moods and outfits. That way you'll always have just what you need to look your best. And these days, tights are made from comfy materials that won't itch like those childhood ones!
There's a reason tights and other opaque hosiery has enjoyed generations of popularity. When something looks so good and is practical to boot, how could anyone kick it out of the fashion circles? That's why you'll still see knee highs and tights walking down the runway for years to come.

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