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Gussets — What's the Difference?

There are several different types of gussets to choose from when you are looking at tights.

Cotton gussets have the benefit of helping to improve fit and comfort. Cotton is a breathable fabric, which makes them ideal for hygiene purposes. To determine if a garment has a cotton gusset, you can look for a circular patch of fabric at the top of the tights.

Plain gusset is another type of gusset. These are similar to cotton gussets in the way they can improve comfort and fit, but they don't offer the same breathability and hygiene benefits. These plain gussets may be available in a number of different colors, while cotton tends to be white. It usually comes from the same fabric as the hosiery.

No gusset: Although many tights have gussets built into them, some have no gusset at all. Instead of a gusset, they have the same thickness of fabric around the top of the legs and the waist. Tights that are designed without a gusset have straight seams, or a seam that has been sewn into the gusset V shape.

Open gusset: Finally, you may see tights with what is known as an open gusset. This means that there is a hole instead of a fabric patch. These are the most breathable tights of all, because they allow air to circulate freely.