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Hosiery of different finishes - from Matte to Shiny

Hosiery is extremely versatile, in part because you can choose from so many different finishes. These range from a flat look without any shine, to those that are ultra glossy and can draw all eyes to your legs. The first step towards choosing the right finish for your outfit is to look at all of these various options. Matte is the first type of finish. Matte tights are completely matte, and have no shine or sheen in them. The matte look is a good option if you are in need of tights for the workplace, because they won't draw too much attention to your legs, but will still slim them and give you a more elegant appearance.

Shiny or glossy tights are another type of finish. A slightly shiny finish is different from a completely matte look. These give your legs a softer outline and are subtle enough to be worn on a daily basis. The next step up would be shiny hosiery that is designed specifically to catch the light. This type feels silky on your legs, while providing a more obvious shine. Finally, the ultra shiny type of hosiery is extremely glossy, and is guaranteed to draw all eyes to your legs.