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Briefs Explained - Types of Briefs

Women's tights have different types of briefs. It's helpful to take a look at these different options to choose the fit that will be the most comfortable for your needs. If you see briefs that are labeled "sheer to waist" ,for example, this means that they are sheer with the same identical denier and weave along the length of the entire leg, from the toes up to the waist. They can be idea for those wearing a short skirt or shorts.

By contrast, those with high-cut panties or a V Line brief are cut like boxer briefs. They have a higher denier around the waist region, but the brief will be in a V-line, so that they look like a regular pair of panties.

Seamless tights come without seams and gusset in the crotch area. Seamless Tights is knitted in one operation on circular machines (one continuous operation) so that no seaming is required up the back. They have excellent fit thanks to innovative seamless knitting process. You can feel comfortable, sexy and confident when you wear these tights.

Boxer briefs have a clear cut difference in between the denier of the leg area and the brief area. The brief area will be thicker than the leg. This brief area with a higher level of thickness will extend from the waistband, and go in a straight line across the top of the tights, similar to wearing a pair of boxer shorts. This thickness in the weave makes tights with boxer briefs more durable, but they can be a poor choice if you plan on wearing a short dress or skirt. Control top tights usually have this form of brief.

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