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Feature: Suspender/Crotchless Tights; Color: Multicolor Clear | Adjust
Price: $12.99

211 Open Crotch Tights with Back Seam

Regular Price $16.99

Available colors:
  • Beige-Nero
  • Nero
  • Red
  • Silver
Price: $28.99

Amour Rouge Suspender Tighrs

Love is a warm feeling associated with red. Just like Fiore latest tights imitating stockings and replacing a set of belt and garters - Fiore offer them in classic black with red oriental motifs around the thighs.

Available colors:
  • Black/Red
Price: $22.99

Open Crotch Tights Carmen

Open crotch, silky tights with a Fancy seam & Mock garter belt. Finished with a decorative lace on silicone.

Available colors:
  • Natural-Nero