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Feature: No Gusset; Color: Multicolor Clear | Adjust
Price: $12.00

Fiore Corallo Designed Back Seam Sheers

Very sexy and delicate, these charming tights will definitely freshen up your wardrobe whenever you feel a need for a change from plain classic. Alongside vertical seam of CORALLO tights, there is a pattern that strongly resemble a string of beads. This extravagant detail will add a little bit of Italian splendor to every outfit.

Available colors:
  • Black/Red
Price: $12.00

Fiore Kiss Me Fashion Tights

Classic & hot - this is the kind of a mix we love! And so we combine: womans lips, a lipstick trace and a kiss. We created this model with red, sensual accents in the shape of the lips, to enliven the black and plain styling, as well as celebrate the kisses!

Available colors:
  • Black/Red
Price: $12.00

Fiore Unique Contrast Back Seamed Sheers

A romantic evening walk to the Opera? Or is it a bit too late to stroll and you better go by metro? Take the red line to be there on time! Also choose the Unique tights with a red back seam to accompany your little velvet dress. Which colour version is your favourite tonight: black or linen? All choices in Paris are unique, all create a 'once in a lifetime' story to remember.

Available colors:
  • Black/Red
  • Nude/Red
Price: $15.70

Leopard Opaque Fashion Leggings


Available colors:
  • Lavagna-Leopard
  • Natural-Leopard
Price: $22.90

Mouse Fashion Leggings

SALE! Was $39.79

Available colors:
  • B.Lana-Grey
  • Grey-Lana
Price: $43.90

Platino Piton Reptile Skin Pattern Leggings

PROMOTION! Was $47.99 Wet Looking Leggings with Reptile Skin Pattern.

Available colors:
  • Unico
Price: $41.10

Trasparenze Hamadryas Leggings

These light floral design leggings would be a perfect addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Their romantic floral print will add freshness and sunlight to your everyday outfit.

Available colors:
  • Multi-VarA
  • Multi-VarB