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Brand: Trasparenze; Feature: No Gusset Clear | Adjust
Price: $41.10

Trasparenze Hamadryas Leggings

These light floral design leggings would be a perfect addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Their romantic floral print will add freshness and sunlight to your everyday outfit.

Available colors:
  • Multi-VarA
  • Multi-VarB
Price: $21.80

Trasparenze Ruth Capri Leggings with a cut-out hole design

The Ruth Capri Leggings are the perfect pair for you to wear if you are in love with tights of varying colors. Set in 60 Denier feature, they feel comfortable to your skin. Their Matt Finish and tiny cut out holes all over the leg will make you more uniquely stylish.

Available colors:
  • Bluganvillea
  • Indigo